Wind Dancer Ranch

Farmer's Markets

We will be at the Palo Alto Farmer's Market every Saturday from 8 am to Noon Mid May thur Mid Dec 2017.

We will be at the Walnut Creek Farmer's Market every Sunday from 9 am to 1pm.

In the off season you can still pick up meats at our Menlo Park pick up location.


Navajo-Churro Lamb
Heritage Breeds Pork

American Rabbit
Pickup other meat orders

How to Order

Call 650-642-1690 or email us to reserve or order meats.

Our Next whole lamb harvest will be December 2017.

We are now taking reservations for January 2018 whole and half hogs.

Berkshire / Kurobuta pork. Navajo-Churro lamb and rabbit. All naturally raised.

We sell meat by the animal or half animal to families in the San Francisco Bay, Peninsula, East Bay, Vacaville, Fairfield and Davis areas. We also sell USDA processed individual cuts of lamb and pork. If you don't want a whole hog we will pair you with another customer who also wants just a half. Or you can join our pork buying club where we help up to eight people split a hog. We coordinate the transport to a licensed cut and wrap facility for our customers.

Your lamb or pig can be cut and wrapped to your specifications - see the cut and wrap forms for the options.

All meats are frozen for delivery.


Purebred Berkshire
Purebred Tamworth
Berkshire/Tamworth Cross

USDA Individual Cuts available at our farmer's markets - call or email for availability as it sells out quickly

Whole and half hogs next harvest January 2018
Email us to get on the waiting list - no deposit required

Navajo-Churro Lamb

Purebred Navajo-Churro Lamb
Purebred Navajo-Churro Mutton

USDA Individual Cuts Typically Available
USDA Packages of Lamb Sausage
USDA Packages of Smoked Lamb Ham

Whole and Half Lamb Harvest in December 2017
Email us to get on the waiting list - no deposit required


SOLD OUT till Spring 2018

Thank You

When you buy meat directly from Wind Dancer Ranch and our neighboring farms you are supporting:

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Farming
A True Family Farm
Heritage Livestock Breeds
Genetic Diversity
Humane and Natural Animal Care
Endangered Tastes

If we don't have what you want please feel free to write us anyways.  The Capay Valley is full of small, family farms raising amazing livestock.  We may know a farmer who has just what you are looking for and are happy to send you contact information. Or you can check out