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Our Favorite Lamb Recipes

Our Navajo-Churro lamb is sweeter and milder than commercial lamb. If you are using your favorite spiced or curried recipe you can reduce the amount of spice used and let the meat's flavor come through.

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Lamb Recipes

  • Navajo-Churro wool is very low in lanolin which also means that there is very little lanolin in their skin and fat. The low lanolin is why their meat is so mild.
  • Navajo-Churro lambs are much smaller than commercial sheep and take longer to grow.
  • Navajo-Churro mutton is also wonderfully mild.

What our Lambs Eat

Our lambs are raised exclusively on their Mother's milk, the grass in our pastures, and our home grown and neighbor's hay. They particularly like broadleaf weeds and have proven to be very helpful in clearing our hay fields of them. Their grazing has replaced almost all of our mowing on the farm and has greatly reduced our use of diesel fuel.

Lamb Cooking Videos

I found these videos on cooking lamb at the American Lamb website. They are pretty good! Please remember that our lamb will be about half the size of the lamb legs and roasts shown on these videos!