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Lamb Hearts and Mushrooms

Another original creation from Jim. Tender lamb hearts and mushrooms sauteed in green onions. Simple but ooh so good on crusty bread.

Recipe Collections

  • Rabbit Rabbit is an all white meat similar to skinless chicken breast. You can use it in just about any recipe you have for chicken. It is very tasty, has a nice texture, and cooks very cleanly in stewing recipes. Rabbit Recipes    
  • Lamb Our Navajo-Churro lamb is very different than commercial lamb. You can still use it in your favorite lamb recipes but you should use less spices because our lamb does not have that gamey lamb taste. Lamb Recipes    
  • Pork The rich, fulfilling taste of our heritage pork does not need heavy sauce or breading to provide a flavor. Subtle marinades, rubs, and sauces really let the flavor shine through. It also does very well on the BBQ and oven without drying out. Pork Recipes    
  • Turkey Heritage turkey must be cooked differently than commercial turkey. It is more of a gamebird like pheasant. It cooks well with high heat in the oven, steamed, or deep fryed. If it is your first time cooking Heritage turkey PLEASE follow our Steam Roasting recipe. Turkey Receipes