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Our BReeds of Meat Chickens

A sturdy and very active breed that loves being free range. When I open the coop doors in the morning they are the first ones to the grazing area. They have a thick and heavy body style with close growing dark feathers. The hens have an attractive lacing pattern and are equally large birds.

They are listed as Watch on the ALBC Conservation Priority list.

Buckeyes were developed in the United States by Mrs. Nettie Metcalf in Ohio and named after the "Buckeye State". They were developed to thrive in a free range environment rather than being raised for commercial production. I love these birds as they have quite the personality! They are active and friendly. Even with the limited time I have to spend with the chicks right now they show no fear of humans and are almost a hazard under your feet. I have also observed them catching and eating a mouse - a trait they are famous for. They make the cutest unique chicken sounds - the young hens "chirp" like a songbird.

Buckeyes are on the Slow Food USA "Arc of Taste".

They are listed as Critical on the ALBC Conservation Priority list.

Our Breeds of Egg Layers


California Leghorn

Buff Orpington

Heritage Chickens

Chickens are really neat animals!

Chickens have a lot more personality than people give them credit for! Our chickens have the run of our 120 acre ranch but tend to stay within a 10 acre area by choice. At night they voluntarily roost in one of our hen houses where we can lock them up to protect them from predators. Once you have seen the behavior of free range chickens you will know how cruel it is to lock a hen up in a layer cage or a broiler in a broiler pen.

Visit our page on:   Chicken Behavior 

Our Favorite Heritage Breeds

We have many Heritage breeds that we enjoy for their looks and personality.
The White Faced Black Spanish (WFBS) is a striking black bird with contrasting white and red on their face. They are thought to be some of the first chickens brought to the Americas. They are probably the oldest breed in the Mediterranean class with some British records of the breed going back as far as 1572. We have found them to be delightful birds with engaging personalities. Our WFBS hens demand attention and hugs every morning. If you don't give them their hugs, they will fly up into your arms to get them.

They are listed as Critical on the ALBC Conservation Priority list.

Sumatras have shiny, long black feathers and an exotic look. They are a little more shy than most of our chickens but very intelligent. They are the first to appear at the back door when the treats are being handed out. Sumatras have an exotic primitive look and have retained many survival instincts.

They are listed as Critical on the ALBC Conservation Priority list.

Our Old English Game Bantams are a hoot! How can a chicken so small act so large? The hens fit in the palm of your hand but are spunky and independent. They lay eggs of remarkable size proportionally to their bodies. The roosters rule the roost - holding their own against the larger birds.

They are listed as Study on the ALBC Conservation Priority list.

Chicken Bath!

Farm fresh eating eggs from free range, naturally fed, grass eating, bug catching, rooster loving, chick raising, dirt bathing happy hens - available at the farm or on deliveries.

Did you know?

Hens communally raise their chicks.

Roosters help raise chicks including helping to feed them.

Chickens recognize individual people and treat them differently.

Chickens eat bugs, lizards, nuts, seeds, and worms.