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Other Farmers with Birds Available

Several small farmers buy poults from us in the Spring to raise for Thanksgiving. This helps our breeding flock earn their keep and stay "productive pets" on our farm.

Mark Havstad Raises Spanish Black and Narragansett in Esparto (near Woodland)

How to Buy


Heritage Turkey Meat

Heritage Turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Heritage breeds of turkeys need to be at least seven to eight months old before they are butchered to ensure they have naturally developed the layer of fat in their skin that will self-baste the meat. This fat layer gives the bird an intense turkey flavor. The extra time, space, and care all add to the cost of growing these birds and thus they are more expensive than your typical store bird. But for taste connoisseurs and those who care about humane treatment of food animals the price is well worth it.

Our turkeys are farm processed to ensure humane treatment. They are never transported and never experience stress.

  • All turkeyes are available by the whole animal.
  • Our turkey is $7/lb based on the hanging weight.
  • Hens typically range from 7.5 to 11 lbs. Toms typically range from 13 to 19 lbs. We sometimes have older toms available that will weigh 20 to 24 lbs but these must be reserved very early as they go quickly.

Really Free Range!

All our birds are raised on our farm in a pastured, free range setting. At our farm this means they go wherever they want over then entire ranch. They fly, forage, investigate, show off, mate, and experience a very happy turkey life. At night they roost in trees, on top of the barns, or, if not safe high up, they are locked up in a coop to protect them from predators. They eat grass and forage for food like almonds and walnuts, bugs, fruits, grains, berries, and vegetables. They also get free access to natural turkey food, wheat, and oats. We don't feed antibiotics other than to treat a single sick individual - a thankfully rare occurrence on this farm. And we never feed growth enhancers or ruminant by-products.

Check out our video of heritage turrkeys hunting bugs in our small vineyard.

Did you know?

Heritage turkeys are more of a game bird than commercial turkeys. Their shape is very different and they cook differently. Please check out our turkey recipes!