Agrarian group

Our Turkeys

The toms are complete show-offs spending their day strutting and displaying their plumage. They show off their tails and the color of their heads - if the blue head color does not work they try the red color, then the purple. Eventually one will work..... Tom's Strutting

Turkeys Fly

Turkeys love to explore and fly.

We have a large oak tree and the hens have the best time flying high up into the branches and appreciating the view.

A Girl and her Turkey

Cuddles loves to cuddle!

Heritage Turkeys

Real turkeys Ben Franklin would be proud of

Watching Heritage turkeys living free range in a homestead farm environment is an experience that brings you back in time. When we started raising Heritage turkeys we never thought they would be so active or turn out to have such personalities. All our turkey breeds are listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservation priority list. Most are also listed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Our five favorite things about heritage turkeys:
  • Parthenogenesis - Turkey hens can, on very rare occassions, lay fertile eggs without a male turkey. They can fertilize their own eggs.
  • The Sisterhood - Turkey hens maintain strong sister bonds throughout their life. They defend each other and raise their young together.
  • Crazy Turkey Dancing - On cool mornings and evenings turkeys display their Joie de Vivre.
  • Mood Heads - Turkeys change the color of the skin on their head to display their mood and impress a mate.
  • Rafter Wandering - Turkeys love to wander in groups and visit their favorite places.

Really Free Range!

Our turkeys live in a real free range pasture where they can explore, fly, and run as they desire. They always have fresh grass available and can eat seeds, bugs, nuts, and berries as they find them.

After the almond and walnut harvests our birds have the best time finding crushed nuts and eating every little morsel.

They will follow you into the orchard and beg you to open a walnut or almond for them.

They also eat the almonds whole - shell and all. Not sure how they manage it but they love them. Cuddles in particular LOVES almonds.

A Royal Palm tom.

A Narragansett tom.


Did you know?

Turkeys are graceful flyers.

Hens gang together to fight enemies (such as roosters and cats).

Hens often nest in pairs sharing sitting duty.

Turkeys want to help when you are changing the oil on your backhoe.