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  • $5 per bar or stick
  • Grandma Craven's recipe from the World War II
  • Made by Jim in small quantities by hand
  • Subtle scents for men, unisex, and women
  • Ingredients: our own heritage hog lard, essential oils, food grade lye and water
  • Contact us via email to order -

Handmade Hog Lard Soap

  • Variety of Scents We have a variety of soap in several scents such as Myrrh and Vetiver (smells like leather), Frankincense and Spirulina, Frankincense and Indigo, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint and Activated Charcoal Facial Bar, Birch Tar Oil & Myrrh (smells like a campfire), Rose Geranium, and Lavender.
  • Shaving SoapSandalwood scented soothing soap to use instead of shaving cream.. Easy to use push up container.
  • MontanaMade with real Montana sage leaves. It has a sublte clean smell of sage and the wild.
  • Sandalwood Simple, clean Sandalwood works for men or women. Our most popular soap.