Agrarian group

Our Values

Humane Animal Treatment
All animals, including those intended for food, deserve kind and respectful treatment. They should have plenty of room to roam and buddies to share it with. And they should be able to experience natural behaviors and live a happy life.
Natural Feed
Each species evolved to eat a certain type of food and are happiest and healthiest eating that food. Animals should never be forced to eat contrived mixtures that contain ingredients their bodies were not intended to digest. A natural diet includes a lot of grass and legumes, grains for some species, and no GMOs. It means no anti-biotics and no growth hormones.
Harmony with Nature
Farming should work in balance and harmony with nature and biological systems. We should respect and work with wildlife and encourage populations of deer, quail, turkey, and pheasant. Even predators like hawks can be welcome neighbors and a benefit to the farm.
Balance and Sustainability
As stewards of the land we should leave it in better condition than we found it. Balance, not optimization, is the goal. We work with the natural biological systems of our specific climate and environment. Chemicals and pesticides have no place in the care of our land.
Farming Terms

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Wind Dancer Ranch

Small family farm raising Heritage livestock.

Our farm is home to a cherished collection of Heritage livestock - unique breeds of sheep, hogs, rabbits, turkeys, and chicken that represent a rare bit of genetic diversity in our ever specializing food chain.  These animals are raised with respect and care for their mental as well as physical health.  They are free range or in large pastures where they can do what comes naturally. 

And everyone has a little Bambi...


"Best pork ever!"Rachel G. Mountain View, Ca

"We’ve been happy Wind Dancer Ranch customers for the last six years and adore their pork, lamb, rabbit and turkey. Everything we have had has been such amazing quality. We keep returning for more!"Sharon and Mark D. Berkeley, Ca

"We really enjoyed seeing the farm and the animals grazing where they will. And the pork was exceptional."Bryan G. Oakland, Ca

Our Farm Raises

  • Heritage Breeding Stock
    Navajo-Churro lambs and registered adults, Heritage Turkey poults in the Spring, and pedigreed show and breeding quality American rabbits year round.     
  • Farm Direct Meats
    Navajo-Churro whole and half lamb and mutton, Berkshire Kurobuta and Tamworth/Berkshire cross whole and half hogs, American rabbit fryers and roasters, and Heritage Turkey at Thanksgiving.     
  • Natural Wool, Pelts, and Skulls
    Lustrous fleeces, yarn in brilliant natural colors, roving, batting, pelts and rustic skulls all from our Navajo-Churro sheep. Working with local artists we also have a selection of knitted items and artwork.