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Follow the musings of an artist, philosopher, visionary, poet turkey.

Heritage Livestock

Heritage breeds are traditional livestock breeds that were raised by farmers in the past, before the drastic reduction of breed variety caused by the rise of industrial agriculture. Heritage breeds were developed over time to emphasize traits that made them particularly well-adapted to local environmental conditions and often to produce multiple products such as wool, meat, and milk from the same animal. Heritage livestock breeds are also a valuable source of natural genetic diversity. Because of these traits and their ability to thrive on natural, local foods the meat from these animals have unique tastes. We believe flavorful meat comes from three things – the breed, the feed, and humane care that allows the animal to enjoy its natural behaviors and live a happy life..

  • Heritage HogsThe Tamworth is well suited to a pasture lifestyle and is prized for lean meat and excellent bacon. The Berkshire is the gourmet's hog. Internationally recognized as producing extremely flavorful meat - it is known as Kurobuta in Japan and much sought after. Tamworths are listed as "Threatened" on the ALBC list.     
  • Navajo-Churro SheepThe first sheep breed brought to the Americas. They have wool prized by hand weavers, tasty meat, and fair milk production. We decided upon the breed due to our love of Spanish sheep's cheese- the Navajo-Churro is a descendent of the Spanish Churra. Navajo-Churro are listed as "Threatened" on the ALBC list.    
  • American RabbitsOne of the rarest of recognized rabbit breeds. There are approximately 300 breeding rabbits in the United States. Once prized for meat and fur production we are helping other dedicated breeders re-establish the breed. Americans are listed as "Threatened" on the ALBC list.     
  • Heritage TurkeysOur flock includes Narragansett, Spanish Black, Bourbon Red, and Beltsville turkeys. We have joined the growing number of small farmers who raise these beautiful and elegant birds. Narragansett are listed as "Threatened", Spanish Black and Bourbon Red are listed as "Watch", and Beltsvilles are listed as "Critical" on the ALBC list.     

Chicken Behavior

Our turkeys and chickens thrive in a totally free range environment with continual access to grass, bugs, nuts, and seeds. They get to display their natural behaviors and live a true bird life.

Chickens have a lot more personality than people think they do.  They form social bonds, cooperate to raise young, "barter", adopt orphans, and learn behaviors readily.

Chicken Behavior

Turkey Behavior

Watching Heritage turkeys living free range in a homestead farm environment is an experience that brings you back in time. When we started raising Heritage turkeys we never thought they would be so active or turn out to have such personalities.

Rotational Grazing

We have been using rotational grazing to feed our sheep and are working to get all the timing right between the various hay, grain, and nut crops and the sheep's needs for breeding, lambing, and growing. 

Rotational grazing offers a lot of benefits such as improving the soil and reducing our need to burn diesel to mow orchards. Plus the sheep love it.


Rotational Grazing