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How to Buy

Call 650-642-1690 or email us to reserve or order meats.


Are you unfamiliar with the different cuts of meat and unsure how you will use them? Check out our suggested cut and wrap instruction sheets below - they recommend cut and wrap instructions and have links to recipes for using those cuts of meat.

Buying Whole Lambs

When you get lamb from us you get to choose how the meat is cut and wrapped. You can choose to get your whole or half lamb uncut if you want to take it to your own cut and wrap facility, cook it whole, or do your own cut and wrap. The UK Guardian has a nice overview of the cut and wrap process. Or you can choose to use Meridian as most of our customers do for the cut and wrap.

Meridian currently charges $69. (Half a lamb is half these charges.) This charge will be added to your total for the lamb so you only have to write one check. We will haul the meat to and from Meridian at no charge as part of our service. Please be aware that if Meridian has slight price fluctuations you will be responsible for the exact amount they charge.

To specify your cut and wrap choices for Meridian you will need to complete the lamb cut and wrap instructions. You have a choice of meat wrapped in butcher paper or vacuum sealed. Processing typically takes 2 weeks.

Navajo-Churro Lamb

Sweet, mild, clean tasting lamb

Navajo-Churro Lamb is recognized on the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste as a unique and exceptional taste. Visit the Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste.

We typically have purebred Navajo-Churro full sized lamb available year round.

We also offer Navajo-Churro milk-fed lambs several times a year a couple months after each lambing. Navajo-Churros naturally breed year round so our lambs are born throughout the year.

  • Navajo-Churro full sized lambs are available by the half and whole animal for $6/lb based on hanging weight or by individual cuts as listed on our Navajo-Churro Lamb Cut Price List.
  • Hanging weight for whole full sized lambs typically range from 30 to 45 lbs - half a lamb from 15 to 23 lbs. Sometimes they are larger - we had one that topped out at 50 lbs hanging weight. Our lambs are smaller than commercial lamb and thus all cuts will be proportionally smaller.
  • Milk-fed are young lambs six to ten weeks old still nursing and consuming a significant amount of their diet in milk. They are typically 15 to 20 lbs hanging weight (some get up to 25 lbs) and are $7 per pound.

What our Lambs Eat

Our lambs are 100% grass fed living in pasture during Spring and Summer and getting our home grown and neighbor's hay in Winter.

Our pastures have a mixture of plants such as rye, plantain, wild oat, johnson grass, vetch, clover, and mustard. The sheep seem to particularly enjoy broadleaf weeds and will eat them first before touching any of the other forage. They also eat young star thistle.
In mid-summer the sheep like to stand on their hind legs and eat the leaves of our english walnut and almond trees. I have even seen them put their front feet on another sheep's back so they can reach higher branches. Some of the sheep also eat the leaves of black walnut trees. I have learned that black walnut leaves and husk are used as a natural wormer - I think the sheep must know this instinctually and "self-medicate" when they need parasites removed.

Did you know?

Lambs love to run and play. Check out our videos of the lambs having a great time.

Lamb Races

Lamb King Mountain

Bucket Head