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  • Heritage PorkThe Berkshire has a flavorful dark meat interlaced with small veins of fat. It is a juicy and rich delicacy also referred to as Kurobuta. The Tamworth has long been considered the best bacon hog. It's meat is lean and flavorful. We cross the Tamworth on our Berkshire boar because we do not have a Tamworth boar. While we just stumbled upon this cross we have since learned this was a popular cross in the 1800s.Berkshire Pork Tamworth/Berkshire Pork
  • Navajo-Churro LambNavajo-Churrl lamb and mutton is leaner than commercial lamb. The breed also has much less lanolin in its wool. The combination of less lanolin and less fat (for the lanolin to permeate) means the Navajo-Churro meat is very mild and sweet. It does not have the gamey "barn" taste than many people dislike about lamb. When cooking with Navajo-Churro lamb you can use less and more delicate spices to allow the meat flavors to come through. Navajo-Churro Lamb
  • American Rabbit Rabbit is a healthy and tasty meat that is making a comeback in the US. It is all white meat and can be used just like chicken. It is higher in protein and lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories than beef, pork, chicken, lamb and turkey. Rabbits are also very efficient at converting plant matter that humans don't eat - such as grass, broadleafs, and weeds - into tasty meat. American Rabbit
  • Heritage Turkey Heritage turkey has a rich true turkey taste due to the density of the meat and the basting from the bird's natural fat in the skin. The texture is more like pheasant than mushy commercial turkey because of the breed and the bird's natural free range lifestyle. Heritage Turkey

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We make scheduled deliveries along I-80 and other Bay area freeways when we have groups of orders and on farmer's market days. Free meeting points are along these routes and home delivery is available for $20. We don't drive into San Francisco proper as we get lost easily in the city! But we meet people along the outskirts. See our delivery options page for more details.

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  • Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Farming
  • A True Family Farm
  • Heritage Livestock Breeds
  • Genetic Diversity
  • Humane and Natural Animal Care
  • Endangered Tastes

Featured Product

American Rabbit

Summer is the time for grilling and rabbit cooks up very well on the BBQ. The lean white meat is like chicken breast and goes well with rubs and sauces.

American Rabbit