Agrarian group

About our Hand Crafted Items

  • Made 100% from the wool of our Navajo Churro sheep
  • Hand crafted by local fiber artists
  • Price is based on what the artist charged for their labor plus the amount of yarn used

Hand Crafted Items

  • Large Shopping Bag Large crochet shopping bag in grey. Great for farmer's market shopping. $40
  • Crochet Long Gloves Crochet long fingerless gloves allow you to work and type while keeping hands warm. $12
  • Knit Hats Hand knit hats in variety of patterns available in light brown and white. $32
  • Crochet Berets Crochet berets in both frilly and simple patterns. Available in either light brown or grey. $24
  • Floppy Crochet Hats Rimmed floppy crochet hats in light brown and dark brown. $32
  • Crochet Gloves Short Crochet short fingerless gloves in grey and ivory. Warm hands and free fingers. $6
  • Crochet Wine Gift Bag A special touch for that special bottle of wine. Will hold normal and champagne bottles. $24