Agrarian group

About our skulls and pelts

  • Skulls and pelts are a by-product of our meat production
  • Skulls may have a visible bullet hole
  • Skulls are only preliminarily cleaned - they may have some dried skin and dirt on them
  • We have started offering these products because we strive for 100% use of every animal we harvest for meat

Rustic skulls and pelts

  • Specimen Quality Skulls Large, symmetrical horn sets worthy of professional finishing or an artist's special touch. Four horn sets in the two up and two down or fused curl patterns. Two horn curls with at least one curl. $50 each.
  • Large Skulls Large two or four horn fused curls just starting to reach their first curl. Some two up two down four horn patterns that are small to medium in size. $25 each.
  • Medium Skulls Medium two or four horn fused curls well into the turn of their first curl. $15 each.
  • Small Skulls Small two horn or four horn fused. These horns have not yet grown long enough to start to form a curl. $10 each.
  • Small Skull No Horns Polled lambs in a range of skull sizes. $5 each.
  • Pelts Coming Soon!