Agrarian group

Natural Wool, Pelts, and Skulls

  • Yarn in All Natural Colors Glorious natural colors right from the sheep in dark brown, light brown, grey, and ivory. No dies, no bleach. Two ply sport yarn, 200 yards.     
  • Shearings We save our best wool as shearings for hand spinners. Beautiful colors and well skirted. Named shearings are sold as one piece. With combined shearings, such as "Brown Lamb Wool", you can order just the amount
  • you need.     
  • Batting and Roving Our wool is also available as batting and roving. Colors include "grey", "oatmeal" and "black".     
  • Rustic Skulls and Pelts A by-product of our meat lamb production we offer these rustic skulls dried and unfinished. Some of the horns are amazing. Pelts will also soon be available.     

Finished Products

We are working with local artisan knitters to offer hats, scarves, gloves, shawls, bags, and other hand crafted items made exclusively from our Navajo-Churro wool.

Available Items

works of Art

Explore one of a kind creations from our talented artist friends. Pieces we feature on this website are based on our farm products like fiber and skulls. Check out the artists' websites to see the full range of their works.

Available Works of Art

Featured Artist

Annette Krammer

Coming soon!