Agrarian group

About our Shearings

  • We shear our sheep twice a year with each adult shearing being between three and six inches staple length
  • Our sheep live a free range life so a few small bits of vegetation in the wool is to be expected
  • We pick only the finest wool with the best colors to offer as shearings
  • We skirt aggressively
  • Named shearings are sold as one piece
  • With unnamed combined shearings, such as "Brown Lamb Wool", you can order just the amount you need
  • Adult shearings are $12 per pound
  • Lamb shearings are $16 per pound

Navajo-Churro Shearings

  • Coco - Brown Feb 2012 Coco is a gorgeous brown ewe who grows prolific amounts of wool. She is also one of our favorite sheep on the ranch. This shearing from Feb 2012 is 2.19 lbs and sells for $26.28
  • Coco - Brown June 2012Did I mention Coco grows a lot of wool? This is 4 month's growth! This shearing from June 2012 is 1.38 lbs and sells for $16.56
  • Monstor - Lighter Wool Monstor is one of our younger rams that will have his own breeding flock this year. He grows a very long staple. We split this year's shearing into a "Lighter Wool" and "Darker Wool" portion since he had so much wool. The "Lighter Wool" is 2 lbs and sells for $24.00
  • Monstor - Darker WoolIn addition to his excellent wool, Monstor also has amazing curled horns. We look forward to his babies next year. We split this year's shearing into a "Lighter Wool" and "Darker Wool" portion since he had so much wool. The "Darker Wool" is 1.57 lbs and sells for $18.88
  • Vivian - White Wool Nice long staple and bright white color. Vivian always gives us a superior shearing. This shearing is 2.15 lbs and sells for $25.80
  • Sienna - Light BrownSienna consistently produces a light brown color even as she gets up in age. Her staple is on the shorter side of our scale as compared to Vivian or Monstor. This shearing is 1.41 lbs and sells for $16.80
  • Hesta - Jasper Feb 2012 Hesta has probably the prettiest "jasper" colored wool on the ranch and she grows it long and full. We may have to start shearing her three times a year! This shearing is 1.4 lbs and sells for $16.80
  • Hesta - Jasper June 2012Another beautiful "jasper" shearing from Hesta representing just four months growth. Hesta is very tame and is currently giving us great milk in addition to beautiful wool. This shearing is 1.66 lbs and sells for $19.92
  • Latte - Brown Lot A Latte gave us the darkest brown wool of the year. It is rich and vibrant. This shearing is 1.2 lbs and sells for $14.40
  • Prince - White Lot BPrince grows very long, lusterous white wool. We split this year's shearing into two lots. The "Lot B" shearing is 2.36 lbs and sells for $28.32
  • Brutus - Jasper Brutus grows long staple, sharply contrasted "jasper" wool. It is deep grey, almost black, at the bottom and very light grey, almost white, at the top. This shearing is 1.62 lbs and sells for $19.44
  • White Lamb WoolVery soft, very fine and bright white. We are collecting the best of the white lamb shearings into this bulk lot available in whatever quantify you want from one ounce to several pounds. It is priced at $1 per ounce ($16 per pound).